Perseverance in Persistent and Patient, Prayer!

Persevering in Persistent and Patient Prayer…one of the most overlooked gifts that we have. The ability to be able to come and ask God the Father for things, and based on His will, we may receive the very things that we prayed for. With that, you have to put in the work and pray persistently, faithfully, and be patient and wait for God’s answer. And again, based on His will and His perfect timing, will determine if you receive what you are praying for.  Will you be bugging God for asking for the same thing over and over? Absolutely not, BUT when He says no, He means NO! Therefore, you have to be in tune with Him and His Spirit so you can hear clearly as to what His answer is. Don’t just go out and do it anyways or continue to seek the things that He tells you NO to, that could lead to problems and could lead to sin and besides, in a sense you would be denying God and what He wants for you. You have to be lining up with His will first of all, He is not just going to give you something just because you have asked. Put it this way, you wouldn’t give your child something just be cause they asked, would you? Depends on the circumstance and if you felt that it was a good thing for them to have or not. It is the same with The Father and us, He is not going to just give us any and everything. He wants good for us, and some things aren’t going to do us ANY good so therefore sometimes the answer the answer will be no! 
“Does God even hear me when we pray? I don’t see anything happening” . God’s timing is perfect, He is patient and it is something that we have no control over, but His promises are true. Look at the Israelites that were trapped in bondage for years before receiving the promise. They definitely had to be patiently praying, with FAITH, to make it out of Egypt’s captivity, but it was well worth it!
“Don’t give up on praying!” We can point to a few scriptures and parables on this right off the top. Luke 11:5-13 and Luke 18:1-7 are great examples that our Lord Jesus uses to open our minds on being persistent. In the first, the parable of the friend that came knocking on his friends door in the middle of the night for some loaves, while the one friend’s children were sleeping, he is still going to get up and give it to him because he is his true friend and most of all because the friend is persistent in asking. Luke 11:9-13 expounds on how if you ask, be it you are in the Father’s will, you shall receive, and it will be good. 
Luke 18:1-7 is the parable of the widow woman and the unjust judge where the judge, a non-believer and self righteous man, with NO respect for God, was pestered and pulled so much by the widow woman who wanted him to avenge her of her adversary. She was so persistent in asking, that it got on the judges nerves until he went ahead and did what she asked. Just think about it, this man who did not fear God and wasn’t a fair man, went ahead and gave her what she asked for…how much more do you think our amazing Father in Heaven would be to give US what we ask for?! We can’t get weary in doing good OR in praying..flat out! It actually shows respect and love for God and trusting Him instead of ourselves. Pray in faith and expect to receive, IF it’s lined up with God’s will! Don’t stop praying until you get an answer and remember, If He just gave us everything we asked for, it would be a HUGE problem because we wouldn’t know how to act, it may not even be the time for us to have it (so be patient), OR it just isn’t for us! All in all, we serve a Mighty and Awesome God who loves us more than we could ever imagine and He wants whats best for us…TRUST GOD!!!

Sumthin 4 U to chew on: 
Luke 11:5-13
Luke 18:1-8

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