Paid in Full- Christian Drama Short Film (HD)

What does it mean to be a follower of Christ? Paid in Full is a short film about a conversation between two men named Joseph and Evan which is set in the time leading up to the return of Christ. Joseph is a broken man with broken faith who has suffered great loss in a tragedy that has effected the entire world. Evan is a street evangelist who seeks to share the Gospel to anyone who is willing to listen. ​After an encounter with a gang, the two men begin a conversation about faith and life. Evan helps Joseph to understand that the point to everything, regardless of the troubles and pain of life, is to live for Christ. ​This chance encounter in a broken world sparks a journey to understand what it truly means to be a follower of Christ. Starring Cantona Stewart, Shaun Ridley, Caiel Noble, Lauren McGuckin, Nathan Hedger with Jason Muller and Salvatore Merenda also with Jackson Baker, Trezor Kabamba, Ruth Connor & John Hopper Written and Directed by John Hopper Produced by Shaun Ridley & John Hopper Edited by Michael D. Head & John Hopper Director of Photography: Caleb Trevatt Music by Petteri Sainio “The Shoreline” Written and Performed by Nathan Fawcett… Makeup & Special Effects by Emily Stein BTS Crew: Aaron Cook & Royston Petersen We thank all the cast and crew for their cooperation and assistance. We give God all the glory for giving us this opportunity to create this film. Filmed in Queensland and New South Wales, Australia Foriam Studios 2018

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