He Left The 99 To Come For Me

He Left The 99 To Come For Me

Through the first Adam and his wife Eve’s disobedience to God, sin and death were introduced, and we as their descendants have inherited sin, which leads to death…so yes, we were all born in sin and have strayed away from God. Romans 5:12, Psalms 51:5 and Psalms 58:3 are just a FEW of the scriptures that point to that. Matter of fact, Psalms 58:3 tells us that from birth we all go astray and speak lies. Think about it, a toddler, once they can talk, they will tell a lie to cover things up that they have done because they know they were wrong for doing it. Who taught them to lie? We as parents sure haven’t, and that’s just it, it is already in us to lie! We were all born in sin and our hearts are deceitful and wicked! (go look up Jeremiah 17:9).

From my experiences and from reading and studying the Word of God, I can see that we were all lost sheep at some point in time and many of us are STILL lost. To continue to be lost, can not only lead to difficulties, trouble, headaches, heartache, disaster and death, but WILL lead you into eternal fire without a second chance. We don’t have to remain that way, the second Adam, the Good Shepard (Jesus Christ), is and has been calling us to come back to Him and rest under the wings of His protection in His kingdom, to reconcile us and our relationship with Him, and eternal life with Him. The Holy Spirit has been tapping on our shoulders on the daily, tryin to get our attention but we been being hard-headed, neglecting Him and choosin to do what we wanna do smh. It is time to stop all that and answer His call through surrendering, repentance and full steam ahead running back to Him! It’s not too late, and the way the world is going, NOW is the time! God loves us and wants us to come back to Him and that is why He sent Jesus, to save the lost and bring us back, but of course we exercise the fact that He gave us free will to follow Him or not, and unfortunately, alot of the time, we choose the latter. It’s not the will of the Father that we perish in the Lake of Fire, He doesn’t send us there, WE send OURSELVES through transgressions, iniquity, unrepented sin, disobedience and flat out not having a relationship with the Father and getting to know Him and most of all Him not knowing US! (read Matthew 7:21-23)

So thankful for His tender grace and mercy and for Him to continually call me even when I would not listen. Thankful for Him giving me the ear to hear and the heart to receive the tug from the Spirit. I once was lost but now I am found…Thank you King Jesus for leaving the 99 to come for me!
Be safe and BE a blessin family! Brisko
Sumthin 2 chew on:
Romans 5:12
Psalms 51:5 
Psalms 58:3
Matthew 7:21-23
Matthew 18:14
Matthew 18:10-14
Luke 15:3-7

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