From Alcohol and DRUG ADDICTION to #Jesus True Freedom

This is Christian Leyden’s #Jesus testimony. We thank him for his transparency and courage as he publicly shares his life and experience. Thank you for watching! Here is the link to his Phoenix Dream Center video testimony and the original post:… +++ DO YOU WANT TO GET SAVED? Here is a link to a prayer on my website if you need help:… PLEASE LIKE, SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE! And rememeber to #Jesus across all social media platforms. Let’s get JESUS TRENDING again! We can do this! We have rights and freedom of speech too… let our voices be heard in Unison. We love you Jesus Christ… and this unified Voice of the Body of Christ is our offering to You, our Lord and Savior. Thank you for loving us, even before we loved You. REVELATION 12:10-11 (Bible verse) For the accuser of our brothers has been cast down, he who accuses them day and night… They have TRIUMPHED over him by the blood of the Lamb and BY THE WORD OF THEIR TESTIMONY…

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