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† Reach For Him! † #Heisalwayswaitingonus #reachforHim #Hisloveisamazing

True and complete fulfillment in one’s life comes when God grabs the heart and we cling to Him. If you ever want COMPLETE satisfaction in life, regardless of what you have/had/want OR don’t have or never had or wanted, you must cling to GOD thru Christ Jesus! Nothing or nobody can EVER satisfy you like …

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Sword of The Spirit

Use Your Weapon!

Use Your Weapon! Doing some reading this mornin and thought I’d share. We’ve all heard the scriptures Ephesians 6:10-18 which tells us to Put On The Full Armor of God so that we can withstand the attacks of the enemy while we are on this spiritual daily battle in our walk with Christ, but when …

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Scripture tells us that we were ALL born in sin and that none of us are without it. Furthermore, if you were to say you never sinned, you would be calling God a liar and His word would not be in you! Once Adam bit the forbidden fruit, we were cursed, sin took over and …